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Custom High-End Gaming PC's - Upgrades - Or Basic/Mid Spec PC Builds!

Get that beast gaming rig you have been dreaming about! Sli/Crossfire, Water-cooling, SSD Drive upgrades! Or new custom built pc to your tastes!

New and used, Windows/Apple laptop's available. Plus Upgrades

Fresh Windows installation - Virus Removal - Printers

Need An Upgrade or New Value 

For Money System? Don't Pay 

Hundreds More At The Big Chain 

Stores! Save Today, Get A 

Custom Built System, Catering 

For Your Needs From Us!!

Big chain stores put large mark-up on 

high end systems which you can get 

custom built for much less. Get more 

BanG For Your Buck! and be happier 

with the outcome with a custom built 

PC! All systems include 1 year warranty 

and have extended warranty options 


Windows Fresh Installation - Virus 

Removal - Printer Setup